A few words about Madam ZZ


Preparations for the wedding is a joyful, but sometimes a tedious event for a young couple. The founders of Madam ZZ – Eugene and Elena Zittser have gone through all the stages by themselves and know how to turn wedding chores into pleasant trifles.

As a result of their efforts a store was created in which important elements of bride’s wardrobe are presented: wedding dresses, accessories, and underwear. The store also created a selection of evening dresses. This means that the choice of a suitable look for bridesmaids and other guests of the celebration will not be difficult.

Undeniable quality is an important feature which combines all varieties of dresses. They are made of expensive fabrics and laces. Small details and decorative elements are fixed on the product by craftsmen manually or with the help of special equipment.

You can buy any dress that is listed in the catalogue. Moreover, a dress that you like can be tried both in the store, and, if it is necessary – at home.

The dress chosen should be a deep-dyed selection and leave no doubt. Therefore, key areas of Madam ZZ’s expertise are editing of dresses and individual tailoring.

Madam ZZ brings dreams to life!

My love to weddings and wedding dresses originated from my youth. Already then high-quality materials and elegant lines have awakened a genuine interest in me.

Of course, like all women, I’ve dreamed about my wedding dress. Frankly speaking, about an impeccable wedding dress! It seemed that its search would be a journey to a beautiful fairy tale, which is not burdened with obstacles and destined to a happy-end story.

When the time to travel came, it became obvious that the tale is not carefree at all. The market is saturated with offers, consultants assert flatteringly that each dress “was created especially for you”, fitting replaces fitting… The dress of a dream slowly becomes a fiction.

As a result I’ve decided to take the situation into my own hands: I’ve chosen the cut, the necessary fabrics, and founded tailoring specialists. As my wedding dress acquired the desired silhouette, I began to think about the idea … The idea of a place in which every woman can find her perfect dress.

This is how Madam ZZ came about!

Elena Zittser
co-founder of the salon