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Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ, 

Hauptkanal links 83, 

26871 Papenburg


Provided by Eugen Zitzer

Phone number: +49 151 288 77 127

E-mail: madamzz2019@gmail.com


DE 322585079 / St.Nr.: 53/150/03279 | HRB ——

District Court Charlottenburg

GF: Alexandra Roehler | Johanna Kühl



Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ manages the website available at https://madamzz.de/ (“the Website”). 


Orders placed through the Website for the purchase of goods at Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ, the service provision, as well as the delivery of goods are regulated by the General Terms and Conditions. They take effect from the moment the order is placed. 


We do not accept the client terms and conditions that differ from the General terms and conditions set forth below, unless we agreed upon them in writing. 






2.1. Presenting products on the Website is not an offer to enter into a purchase and sale contract agreement with Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ.


2.2. By filling in and sending the order form from the Website You offer to enter into a purchase and sale contract agreement with Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ. You send an offer by entering all the necessary information during the ordering process. Before sending the offer You can review the entered data and amend any mistakes. 


2.3. After receiving your order we will send You an email (to the address provided in the form) or call you (on the number provided in the form). This action will be taken in order to inform You about receiving the order – to confirm receipt. Our receipt confirmation is not a declaration that your contract offer has been accepted; it served for information purposes only.


2.4. Purchase and sale contract agreement between You and Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ takes effect after full payment of a product or a service to our account. As soon as we receive the payment, we will confirm that your order has been accepted by sending you an email to the address provided in the order form. Acceptance of your order creates a legal binding contract between us. 


2.5. Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ has the right to reject any offer without giving the reason. 






3.1. You can receive information on a product or a service in Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ by filling in the order form or contact form from the Website.


3.2. Products offered on the Website are presented in the form of digital photos of real products. Minor differences between the product on the photo and the real product are not considered to be defects of the ordered product. 



  • PAYMENT   



4.1. Payment for a product or a service of Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ is carried out in full payment to our account with no use of the Website. 






5.1. The cancellation rights.


5.1.1. You have the right to terminate the contract within 14 days without giving the reason.


5.1.2. The cancellation period is 14 days from the moment You or a third party that is not a carrier receive the product.


5.1.3. In order to use the cancellation right, inform us that you wish to cancel the agreement. You can inform us in writing by using postal services or via email to our address. 


5.1.4. Postal address: Hauptkanal links 83, 26871 Papenburg

         Email address: madamzz2019@gmail.com


5.1.5. Also, for the agreement annulment You can use the form provided in paragraph 5.1.6. and send it to one of the addresses provided in paragraph 5.1.4..


5.1.6. Cancellation form:


With this form I annul the purchase agreement for the following products ordered by me:




Your full name:   __________________________________________


Your address:      __________________________________________


Your signature (only in case of written notification):




Date ________________________________


5.2. Consequences of cancellation: 


5.2.1. Upon termination of the contract we will reimburse all payments received from you, including all delivery costs (except additional costs related to the choice of delivery method, different from the standard delivery offered by us). The funds will be returned no later than 14 days from the moment receipt of contract cancellation is received. 


5.2.2. The payment is reimbursed the same way as the initial transaction, unless we agreed upon different terms in writing.


5.2.3. In return, you send the product back. We have the right to deny the reimbursement until the product is returned to us or You provide proof that the You have returned the product. 






6.1. Your parcel will be shipped from Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ. We take responsibility for any potential transportation risks.


6.2. The product will be delivered as soon as possible after your order is received. 


6.3. The product will be delivered to the address received from You during the phone call. It will be made to obtain information regarding the order details.


6.4. The delivery price depends on method and place of delivery.


6.5. The product will be sent only after the full purchase price is credited to our account. 


6.6. Besides Germany, Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ takes responsibility for any potential transportation risks for other directions of EU; but does not take this responsibility for the following countries: Switzerland, Japan, USA, Near East, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and other directions. Also, when the product is sent to a non-EU country, the delivery cost and tax costs are covered by You separately.






7.1. The ordered product remains property of Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ until the full payment is completed to our account. This applies to both cases of purchase and rent.






8.1. If the delivered product is damaged, has defects or is delivered in the wrong amount, we do not take responsibility, unless You inform us by sending a letter to any of the addresses provided in paragraph 5.1.4..


8.2. If You inform us about the problem in accordance with the conditions of paragraph 8.1., our only responsibility will be to replace or repair the product that was damaged or malfunctioning; or reimburse You the cost of the product.

8.3. In accordance to the law, we are not responsible for any indirect losses, damages or costs (including loss of profit, business or prestige), arising as a result of our contract agreement. Also, we are not responsible for any reimbursements, except cases described in paragraph 8.2.. 


8.4. Clients must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including obtaining all necessary customs, import and other permits for the product purchase at Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ. We do not take responsibility for export and import of the purchased products. 


8.5. We do not take responsibility for any inability to deliver the product or any delay; or for any damage or defect of the delivered product that we can not control, including strikes, lockouts and other industrial disputes, system or network failures, floods, fires, explosions or accidents. 






9.1. Wedding and evening dresses salon of Madam ZZ uses all provided by You data in accordance with the rules of German Privacy and Data Protection laws. . 


9.2. Personal data is used for the purpose of executing your order and to the degree needed for the contract agreement, for contract content formulating or contract changes (stock data).


9.3. Мы строго воздерживаемся от любого другого использования Ваших личных данных.






10.1. All legal disputes arose from or connected to the purchase and sale contract agreement, are regulated by German law, with the exception of UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. 


10.2. In case one of the provisions is invalid, nothing should affect the validity of the remaining Agreement provisions. 






11.1. Cancellation of consultation 


In order to reschedule/cancel a consultation, please inform us at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. If you cancel the meeting less than 24 hours before it, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee in the amount of 100 EUR. 


11.2. Phone number and email address 


We note that our employees are not always available by phone. Therefore, You can always make an appointment for consultation by sending us your request via email.


11.3. Privacy policy


All meetings that are organized over a phone, email address or directly in the store are managed in our online event calendar. By making the appointment You agree that your data and meetings can be managed in the online event calendar. Processing your personal data is carried out according to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and Telfondienstdatenstutzgesetzes gibt es keine Übersetzung für (TDDSG).






12.1. The Terms of Use with accordance to our current prices, delivery details, contact details and Privacy Policy set out the contract  frameworks related to the supply of products and services provided by us. No statements announced by any sales person on our behalf should be considered as changes to the Terms of Use or as official representation of character or quality of the products offered by us. Except the cases of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, we do not take responsibility for such representation being untrue or misleading.


12.2. No changes or corrections to the current Terms of Use legally bind either of the parties unless they were mentioned in writing and signed by authorised representatives of both parties.